Caroline Vance- Ohio Army National Guard

Caroline Vance is a bright, articulate young woman who is nearing graduation at the Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, while at the same time serving as a combat medic in the Ohio National Guard.

Caroline is the daughter Jeff and Sally Vance of McComb, Ohio. She is third in the line of seniority among the seven Vance children. She has developed keen life survival skills being the only girl growing up with brother’s Kenny, Phil, Charlie, Michael, Peter and James.

Caroline and her siblings were home schooled by Sally and were part of the home school group associated with St. Michaels Catholic Church in Findlay. Caroline was an excellent student and encouraged by her mother to read numerous historical books. Her favorite period in time to read about is the Roman Empire era, with key characters, Romulus, Remus and Brutus.

At the age of sixteen Caroline began taking classes at Rhodes College. She completed her high school diploma requirements in January of 2016 when she was only seventeen.

Serving in the military has deep roots in Caroline’s family. Her father, brothers Kenny, Phil and Charlie all have served, as well as numerous extended family members. “I always wanted to serve in the military. I enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard to train as a combat medic on January 17th, right after receiving my diploma. Two days after I turned 18, on May 16th, 2016 I left home for Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and basic training.”

Family members had prepared her for what to expect at basic training, so she was able to be calm and focused from day one. She also credits her brother Phil for prepping her for the physical elements by jogging and working out in the gym with her. “I was part of a super great group of soldiers in basic! I met so many people from different cultures and life experiences.” Caroline also credits her brothers and dad with being able to score perfect on the firing range.

Combat medic AIT took her next to Ft. Sam Houston where she would spend the next four months learning anatomy, physiology, earning her EMT-NR, trained how to assess and treat battlefield trauma and wounds, and how to improvise in combat situations to keep her fellow soldiers alive. Caroline graduated from AIT in November of 2016.

She returned to Ohio and her family and resumed her studies at Rhodes. She completed her Associates Degree in Nursing at Rhodes in 2018. Caroline moved on to THE Ohio State University to continue her goal of earning her BS in Nursing. She will graduate in May of 2020. Her end goal is to continue at OSU to earn her Nurse Practitioner license. She loves working in the emergency department but the specialty she wants to focus on is psychiatry. (Caroline is currently working as a nurse in a skilled nursing facility, as needed, to gain experience and pay the bills.) Caroline is also looking forward to being part of medical humanitarian aid missions with Doctors without Borders and Nurses without Borders.

PFC Caroline Vance is currently assigned as a combat medic with the Ambulance Platoon, Charlie Company, 237th Brigade Support Battalion, in Columbus Ohio. She has submitted a request to deploy as a front-line medic and is waiting to hear back from her Sgt. Major.

When her studies at OSU are completed Caroline looks forward to leaving the noise and activity of the big city returning home to the Findlay/McComb area. “I love the peace of the countryside.” Caroline loves to escape into nature and parks like Hocking Hills to hike and explore. Once a year she and her brothers take a vacation together to hike, camp and explore. Their last trip was to Italy where they climbed Mt. Vesuvius. This year a trip to explore the beauty of Yellowstone is being planned by the siblings.

Caroline likes to relax in the evenings at home watching old westerns and war movies on Netflix. She is loved and protected by her two-year old Border Collie Adela!

Thank you, Caroline, for serving our country and for caring for the sick and afflicted here in Ohio! Ooooorah!