Lucy Wagner, US Army

Lucy Marie Wagner: US Army Nurse

Lucy and her twin sister Emma joined the Brad and Jill Wagner family in 1996. Older sister Christine and younger sister Maya rounded out the family.

Lucy attended Findlay High School where she kept busy running varsity cross country as a freshman, performing with the show choir Findlay First Edition, dancing on the dance team with Emma and Maya, and cheering as a member of the varsity Cheer leading squad for three years.

“I loved science, especially anatomy. Since I was very little, I had wanted to be a nurse. It felt like a God-given desire.”

Lucy kept busy aside from high school working on the Red Cross Youth Council, being a member of the Hancock Youth Leadership program, and serving for four years as a volunteer Candy-Striper at Blanchard Valley Hospital.

When she graduated in 2014 Lucy was determined to join the Navy, and train as a nurse. (Her father Brad served as a naval aviator on the P-3 Orion aircraft during the Persian Gulf War.) She was disappointed the Navy was not taking nurse candidates. Lucy visited The Ohio State University and there spoke with the Army recruiter. The Army needed nurses, offered her a three-year scholarship and admitted her into the ROTC program.

Lucy’s life became very busy, attending ROTC and military classes at Ohio State in the early mornings then rushing to Mt. Carmel College of Nursing for her nursing classes. On May 5th, 2018 Lucy Wagner was pinned as a Registered Nurse and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. She received her first salute as an officer from her father.

Lt. Wagner spent nine weeks at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas completing the Basic Officer Leadership program (BOLC). This training was specific to medical personnel with three weeks spent in the field learning how to triage, do medical evacuations and function as a field hospital. “ROTC had prepared me well, so this training was not too tough.”

After BOLC Lucy was assigned to Alpha Company-187th Medical Battalion at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) and completed the six-month long Army Clinical Nurse Training program. At BAMC in San Antonio Texas she is a staff nurse on 6-West where they care for a variety of patients including chronic medical, pre-surgery and post-op. Occasionally the nurses deal with trauma overflow as BAMC is a Trauma 1 center treating military and civilian patients alike in serious mass casualty situations.

Now a 1st Lieutenant, Lucy has been there 18 months, and oversees a team of an RN, an LPN and a medic. Lucy loves the camaraderie that develops between the medical team of medics, nurses and doctors.

In a restructuring of medical response deployments, the DOD has created Medical Detachment Units where medical train together and can quickly deploy and rapidly set up a 20 bed field hospital.

Lt. Wagner will likely stay at BAMC for at least another year. She is looking into applying to attend specialization courses designed to provide focused training in either ICU, Emergency room or OB/Gyn nursing.  Lucy is also considering applying for the Nurse-Practitioner program.

When she is off duty after working 12-hour shifts, Lucy, her twin Emma, (a para-legal who lives with her) and her friends like to explore Texas having visited Dallas, Austin, Waco, Corpus Christi, and El Paso. She loves San Antonio with all its food options with her favorite being Smoke House BBQ. Hiking the area and dancing the “Texas Two-step” at country dance halls are also favorite activities. She is involved in the local Officer Christian Fellowship and also has found a church she loves attending on Sunday.

Lucy offers the following advice for young women considering a career in the military, whether it be nursing or other specialties.

“I would encourage them to take the opportunity. It can offer travel, educational scholarships, and new friendships that will last a lifetime. It will challenge you and push you past your comfort zone!”

Thank you, Lt. Wagner, for serving our country!! Salute!!